Incentivized Learning

Within the many sections of the Bible one finds the idea that bahvior, both good and bad, has consequences. Galatians 6:7 says it most simply, “Don’t be deceived, God can’t be mocked, man reaps what he sows.” The students get to experience this cause and effect through our good behavior incentive system. We want them to know what we value, and when they practice those values we want them celebrated. They earn points by demonstrating values like integrity, honesty, patience, kindness, faithfulness, generosity, hard work, responsibility, serving others, creativity, compromise, critical thinking, etc. 

At the end of the week if the student has earned a minimum of 7 dojo points, then they are awarded a token. Tokens are then turned in for rewards. There are prizes for 3 tokens, 4 tokens, and 5 tokens. The students are responsible for keeping and turning in their tokens. The rewards range from “cool” pens, to special drinks from the smoothie bar, Netflix with a friend, fun project with favorite teachers, and even a trip to Kroger for a “shopping spree”.  

Teachers give and take points from students throughout the day which encourages students to practice the values all day. The more they practice the more they begin to habitualize those values. In essence, this is a form of spiritual training for them, and within that training we are rewarding them for biblically based spiritual development.  

This past week several students earned enough tokens to redeem some bigger prizes, like going to yo-mo and going to Kroger for a shopping spree. As they ate their yogurt or played with little stuffed pigs, I communicated that I was proud of them for practicing the values we get from scripture. They will soon come to recognize character within themselves that was intentionally put there by parents and teachers. They will soon come to push for the ultimate prize which is to be in Christ.  

If you have time this week talk with your student about which values they want to put into practice. How can they better serve their classmates, or how they can display generosity, or even, how they can give greater efforts to meet class responsibilities that are put on them. The more they focus on their spiritual practice the more we get to celebrate :)