Imagine heading into work each day with an insurmountable challenge ahead of you--50 kids crammed into a classroom, with one text book, and a handful of notebooks. They still show up, even when a paycheck isn’t guaranteed. The teachers we work with in El Salvador are determined to rise to the challenge, because their students are counting on them, and their students are worth it.


We think these teachers are worth it! We are committed to empowering rural Salvadoran teachers with the best instruction methods we’ve learned. This December will be our 3rd annual teacher conference, and the response has been overwhelming. Our speakers at these conferences are the best of the best and include the headmaster, principal and teachers from one of the more sought after private schools in Nashville!

We also publish a quarterly magazine (Recursos) written by teachers for teachers--translated into Spanish for ease of reading. With lack of consistent internet, this has become an invaluable resource for them to be exposed to new ideas, methods, and the encouragement of other teachers.


Help us meet the end goal of educational success for students by focusing on the agents of that change: the teachers! By helping us cover the costs of resources, you allow us to spend more time on the teachers themselves!

You all have helped me realize that I can make these lessons more tailored to the students’ lives. Why have I been teaching students English words like “snow” (which isn’t a reality for them) when I could be teaching them words that they use in their daily lives?! Thank you for opening our minds to the possibilities of engaging our students!
I loved that article about Multiple Intelligences. Now I will be able to differentiate their inherent capacity and be able to take advantage of their individual abilities.

Send one teacher to the conference (includes facility rental fee and hospitality, conference supplies, a copy of Recursos magazine and supplies for their classroom): $50