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From the neighborhood wide "Movie on the Lawn" event, to the mother-daughter banquets, or father-son camping trips and the annual "Family Field Day," the G.O.D. community realizes that healthy communities start with healthy families.  See below for a few of the events that take place throughout the year.



Family Events

Chuck E. Cheese can't be the only family friendly environment in the 21st century,  right?! We are committed to showing the world that our families know how to party! At first it can be a little overwhelming with all the little ones and their volume, but then you remember Jesus asking you to suffer their presence and all the bright colors of the event turn into a beautiful rainbow of promise where kids can grow up in an hospitable environment.



We get a bunch of inflatables on a hot day, add in some water, and everybody is cooling off, and lining up at the dunk booth to submerge others in a passive form of social vengeance. #kiddingnotkidding

Family Field Day

It's like the field day you had as a kid in elementary school, but the big kids play too--and we add into the mix games from the 3rd world like a race to catch a chicken!


Family Bible Outings

Family friendly Bible studies happen at various locations where kids can hang out the entire time. A favorite location is lakeside at Percy Priest. 


We like our kids so much, we created a progressive, innovative, and fun elementary school in our neighborhood. It's a lot of work, but we can see them whenever we want!