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This is no typical school supplies drive! All donations will go directly to supporting the regional schools with which we partner in El Salvador, Uganda, and India! These supplies will be shipped out this summer with Academy teachers who will be helping to empower these schools in need!  

G.O.D. International is committed to the long term development of these schools. But we cannot overlook their present need for the most basic of supplies. We are hoping that this drive helps Academy students appreciate their opportunity to learn, while helping families talk about global issues together. It is a unique opportunity to know that teachers from the Academy will place these very supplies into the hands of students who need them!  

Lists updated as of May 12


Our "fill a classroom" drive will Run May 1- May 19 

If you'd like to participate, please drop off donations at in bins located in each classroom.



Supporting St. John's Primary in Uganda



Supporting Aquatic Public School in India

Focus-High School + Kindergarten

Supporting Manuel Ungo School in El Salvador



Anyone is welcome to donate. We are organizing the Academy homerooms by level to donate towards a particular school’s needs. As supplies come in, we will be adjusting this page to reflect which supplies have been given and which are still needed. The first level to gather all the requested supplies will be rewarded a pizza party!

*If you are a family with multiple students at the Academy, you are free to choose just one school to support.
We hope that all three schools will receive all of their requested supplies over the course of the drive!


G.O.D. International Partner Schools

Aquatic Public School - INDIA

Featured Teacher: Rekha


"Rekha Ma’am" is a elementary teacher at Aquatic Public School (APS) in India. G.O.D. holds a formal partnership with APS and supports them in teacher development, administrative training, facility improvements and donating supplies.

Rekha teaches Lower Kindergarten, the typical three-year-old class that prepares them for UKG (Upper Kindergarten), which is similar to our “Pre-K.” However, at APS, children enter this class at a variety of ages because the school welcomes even older students wanting to begin their journey. Rekha loves her students and her main style of teaching is through games, which our staff has encouraged! She loves art, cooking and dance, but also just loves teaching--even being willing to substitute when other teachers are absent. She has requested the following supplies which are lacking in her classroom.

Requested Supplies

List updated as of May 12

  • 20 Pairs of Playing Dice
  • 2 'Bananagrams' games
  • Legos and Blocks- Goal Met!
  • Connect Four games- Goal Met!
  • 2 'Jenga' games
  • Unifix Cubes- Goal Met!
  • 2 'Spot It' games (Jr. level)

No time to shop? You can donate online! Just write in the memo which school you're supporting. 


St. John's Primary - UGANDA

Featured Teacher: Lawrence Ssemakula

UG 5.2015-190.jpg

“Master Ssemakula” is a father of five and the lead teacher at St. John’s Primary in Uganda. He is an experienced and gifted individual who has worked tirelessly with G.O.D. to improve the worst school in the district. Lawrence loves to teach and also to teach others how to teach, and sees it as a part of God’s calling on his life.

When G.O.D.’s partnership with St. John’s began, Lawrence played a vital role in organizing teachers, enhancing curriculum and supporting teachers. The students at St. John’s are very poor, many of them unable to buy the required uniform and school shoes. Lawrence regularly assesses students’ needs and directs any donations to those most desperate.

G.O.D. supplies school items to the school on a regular basis, but with 400 students using them regularly, they need replenished. These basic supplies help children have their own notebooks, writing utensils and basic items they need.

Requested Supplies

List updated as of May 12

  • 10 ‘Bob Books’ for Beginning Readers
  • 10 Berenstain Bear books
  • 10 Dr. Seuss books
  • 5 Large boxes of popsicle sticks
  • 50 Packs of 3x5 Cards
  • 10 Boxes of white chalk
  • Paper- Goal Met!
  • 35 Packs of No.2 Pencils
  • 35 Packs of Crayons
  • 35 Packs of Colored Pencils


Note: A major need at St. John's is shoes. There are so many children who come to school without them, leading to a variety of health issues and injuries. Any all black shoe in any child's size would be so helpful!

No time to shop? You can donate online! Just write in the memo which school you're supporting. 


Manuel Ungo - EL SALVADOR

Featured Teacher: SEÑORA Paz

Senora Paz.jpeg

Señora Paz is the Principal at Manuel Ungo, the K-12 school that neighbors the G.O.D. Latin America headquarters in rural El Salvador.

She is the only administrator at Manuel Ungo, which serves over 400 students. She assumed her position voluntarily, based on the need, out of a great concern for the school. Señora Paz was 12 when her family settled in the nearby community after El Salvador’s Civil War.  At 13, because she saw the lack of schools in the area, she trained to be a “popular teacher” (uncertified) and taught kids under a tree, utilizing sand, dirt, grass to teach.  When she was 14, the school she currently administers in, opened, and she began to teach kindergarten there. She was eventually given the chance to go to school herself, and went on to earn a college degree.

According to Paz, “Education is the biggest challenge, yet the fundamental base for any country in need of development. It is our duty to ensure children are educated if we hope to progress.”  We are happy to partner with Señora Paz, to support her and Manuel Ungo.  One of the most basic ways we can do this, is by donating supplies. Please help us, help Señora Paz, as she sacrificially serves students and teachers.


Requested Supplies

List updated as of May 12

  • 50 Notebooks (200-pg.) 
  • 35 Erasers
  • 100 Dry Erase Markers
  • Paper- Goal Met!
  • 35 Packs of Pencils
  • 35 Packs of Pens
  • 35 Packs of Crayons and Markers
  • 10 Dry Erase Erasers

No time to shop? You can donate online! Just write in the memo which school you're supporting.