The rocket stoves much improve the health of women and children. These new stoves are smokeless, so they are not inhaling the smoke. The women are no longer coughing and sneezing every day. Even more, it prevents children from burns when compared to the normal stoves. It also saves time for the women, because they don’t have to keep adding wood. It saves household costs by 60%.
— Simon Njeru, Kenya

While many of us make upgrades to our homes, most people worldwide still don't have the basics. 

In Uganda, 75% of the population lacks a safe place to use the toilet.

Nearly 80% of third-world residents have no access to electricity.

We have created successful prototypes for eco-toilets, reduced-smoke ("rocket") stoves, and solar power in our international regions. In addition, we help construct homes and deal with waste.  

We want to extend these gifts to more people who need them. Your support can help us! Contribute towards sustainable solutions, making sure that families have the basics.