Outdoor Adventures & Egypt!

 Students took turn playing "God is So Good" on the piano after practicing it on garage band first. 

Students took turn playing "God is So Good" on the piano after practicing it on garage band first. 

Hi Parents, 

I wanted to give you an update on our courses during this current two-week unit.

This past week, Yellow and Blue classes took time to reflect on their week but sharing their “Ultimate Highlight of the Week!” Students shared everything from learning to play a song on the piano to their thankfulness for enjoying a class party together. It was a good moment for the students to reflect on the activities they had the opportunity to engage in, the skills they learned, and the friends that they were able to participate and laugh with. The atmosphere of the classroom was characterized by thankfulness and excitement as student after student shared their thoughts. 

For the next two weeks (March 26-29 & April 9-13), students will continue their journey through the broad topics of Anatomy/Biology and Great Inventions with the following classes: 

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Monday/Thursday Broad Theme: Anatomy/Biology

  • Drawing the Great Outdoors (Sports Art) with Mrs. Gowen 
    • Academic Discipline: Creative Arts
    • Description: Drawing the Great Outdoors is a Creative Arts class with an emphasis in drawing where students will learn the different names of each element of shape within the 5 elements of shape. Students will also observe and explore the area around school to inspire their drawings.
    • Multiple Intelligences: logical, kinesthetic, spatial, naturalistic
    • Manipulatives: paper, color pencils, pencil
    • Goals:
      • 1. Students will be able to draw a picture from a model. 
      • 2. Students will be able to label the elements of shape in one of their own drawings. 
      • 3. Students will use proper coloring techniques to color their sports drawings.
      • 4. Students will identify the names of different circles and shapes.
  • Alaska Camp with Ms. Foster 
    • Academic Discipline: Language Arts (Reading Emphasis) 
    • Course Description: The language arts course will heavily emphasize reading and developing both silent reading comprehension and reading aloud fluency. Students will be exposed to content related to climbing and hiking through their reading. Alaska Camp will give students understanding of elements related to the supplies needed for climbing and hiking by reading the content. 
    • Multiple Intelligences: linguistic, interpersonal 
    • Main Manipulatives: iPad, books 
    • Goals: 
      • 1. Students will be able to add 20 more sight words to their memory. 
      • 2. Students will be able to read silently for 25 minutes and comprehend their own readings. 
      • 3. Students will be able to read aloud with self-correction leading to minimal errors.
  • Make It the Top with Mrs. Gowen 
    • Academic Discipline: STEM (math focus) 
    • Course Description: Make it to the Top is a STEM class with an emphasis in math where students will learn to subtract 3-digit numbers using the standard algorithm with borrowing. They will also learn to solve word problems using subtraction. They will solve problems to achieve their goal of climbing the miniature rock wall in their room showing their progress. 
    • Manipulatives: miniature rock wall, paper, pencil, iPad, picture of each student
    • Multiple Intelligences: logical/mathematical, visual/spatial
    • Goals:
      • 1. Students will be able to perform 3 digit subtraction with and without regrouping.
      • 2. Students will work toward achieving their goal of solving a certain number of subtraction problems.
      • 3. Students will determine when regrouping is needed and when it isn’t.
    • Hike and Climb! with Mr. Bargatze
      • Academic Discipline: Creative Arts
      • Course Description: Children have a natural inclination to climb and explore their surroundings (hiking). Climbing promotes coordination, balance, and muscle development, as well as judgment. Hiking provides opportunity to be outside and explore their surroundings. Students will be introduced to coordination and balance skills, muscle development exercises necessary for climbing and hiking. Students will explore body position and balance while performing these skills and exercises. 
      • Manipulatives: 
      • Multiple Intelligences: bodily/kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal
      • Goals:
        • 1. Students can perform “spiderman" crawl correctly through an obstacle course.
        • 2. Students can state the 3 safety rules for climbing and hiking.
        • 3. Student can traverse the monkey bars safely and then forwards and backward without stopping or falling.
        • 4. Students can climb up a rope with the correct technique.
        • 5. Students can complete a hiking trail safely, responsibly without tripping.

Tuesday/Friday Broad Theme: Great Inventions

  • Climb the Pyramid with Mrs. Gowen 
    • Academic Discipline: Language Arts
    • Description: Climb the Pyramid is a Language Arts class focusing on the great inventions that came from ancient Egypt. Students will be asked to answer the question, “Why are the inventions you researched considered great inventions?”
    • Multiple Intelligences: linguistic, kinesthetic
    • Main Manipulatives: books about Egypt, iPad, paper
    • Goals:
      • 1. Student will be able to write their notes with appropriate punctuation, capital letters, spacing, and neat handwriting.
      • 2. Student will be able to describe the great inventions that came from Egypt. 
      • 3. Student will be able to write information from their research in their own words.
  • Egyptian Building with Mr. Cameron
    • Academic Discipline: STEM (building focus) 
    • Description: Students will gain further building experience in this unit by working on wooden xylophones for the classrooms. In this project they will be introduced to safe sawing and explore sanding pieces to achieve proper tone sounds.
    • Manipulatives: Saws, Wood Glue, Drum Sander
    • Multiple Intelligences: Spatial/Visual, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Interpersonal
    • Goals: 
      • 1. Students will gain introductory experience with safe hand sawing.
        • 2. Students will understand how to modify a sample design in order to correct identified issues.
        • 3. Students will learn how to sand with a belt or drum sander.
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs with Ms. Foster 
    • Academic Disciple: Creative Arts 
    • Course Description: In this course, students will be introduced to the Ancient Egyptian writing system of Hieroglyphs. Students will learn the importance of writing systems in communication and telling stories. They will also have the opportunity to create their own code and write a message using Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
    • Main Manipulatives: paper, pencils, stamps 
    • Multiple Intelligences: Visual/Spatial, Bodily/Kinesthetic 
    • Goals: 
      • 1. Students will learn the fine motor skills related to pictorial languages and communications. 
      • 2. Students will create a code of their own. 
      • 3. Students will figure out the code of another student.

Bible (Tuesday/Friday) 

  • Bible with Mr. Bargatze will continue every Tuesday/Friday for the semester and the course goals stay the same as was noted in last week’s blog. Please contact Mr. Bargatze at derek.bargatze@academyforgod.org if you have any questions specific to Bible class.