Another Week in BLUE!

Hello Parents!

Welcome to another week in review. I pray that you are able to find time this weekend to rest and enjoy one another. We have been talking through Law #4 this week, which is “Rest on the Sabbath and take time to enjoy your family and friends.” We spent time talking about what Sabbath means in relation to God’s word and how it fits directly with the creation story. We talked about how God wants us to take one day a week that is not dedicated to work that would produce anything, but instead we would remember that the Lord cares for us and we can enjoy the people around us. We learned also that this is something that God wants for all people, but that often times people who are poor are not given this much needed day to rest. We are working hard to remember to represent God well as we learn his laws and interact with one another. 

Language Arts

On Monday, we began a new language arts project where students had to choose from a random assortment of emoji faces. They had to blindly choose their characters by choosing while they were face down on a table, but were able to choose a second time if their first was a far stretch for them. They all ended up with a character they felt confident enough to develop into a story. In looking at their character, students have started to develop their character’s name, characteristics, things about their character, setting, climax and plot. The brainstorming process has been incredibly exciting to watch as they work and chat with their friends about their hilarious ideas. 

In order to review all of the elements of the story well since this is their first developed story of the year, we have also been developing a character together named Sylvia Louise Churchbell who goes to summer camp in the mountains and enters a context to find a giant diamond emu as the leader of her cabin. 

We can’t wait to get to the writing and illustrating portion of our stories. We hope to share them with you soon! 


We are now a month into school and homework for both Language Arts and Bible will be assigned each class period. It will look a little different for each class, so remind your child to check Edmodo for assignments. Homework for other classes is optional, but should be the type of activity that would enhance what the students are learning in class or a follow up activity that they will be able to do at home by themselves or with your family. 

For Language Arts, a visual will be coming home with your child this coming week to place on the fridge or somewhere you and your child will frequently see it. Their everyday reading homework will also include a reading log on their iPad where they will record their various things about their reading as well. 

Reminders for this Week: 

  • Students need to bring their iPad charged to at least 80% each morning. 
    • It is your child’s responsibility, so help them develop the routine. 
    • If they fail to do this it can cause issues with their ability to participate in class, take extra time away from a teacher being able to address the whole class. 
    • They will receive a demerit starting Monday if they bring their iPad at less than 80%. 
  • Students need to keep drinking a lot of water on these hot days. Please ensure that your child brings their water bottle to school so they have access to water all day. 
  • Students MUST have headphones. We still have a couple of students who have broken or missing headphones and we need them to come to school. 
    • Headphones are used every morning during Beginnings while students are doing their Duolingo app and various other times throughout the week. 
    • If your child frequently misplaces them or brings them back and forth, please consider having a pair that is dedicated to school so they can consistently leave them in their cubby. 

Have a wonderful Weekend!