Making the Switch: Class Dojo!

We are making the switch over this weekend to Class Dojo and inviting you to join us! I already sent an email detailing the ins and outs of Class Dojo and its benefits, so please see my email and respond to me with any questions. 

Also note that all points were switched over from Class Charts yesterday, so their actual points for yesterday and this week are very skewed. If they ask you, please share that with them. Next week will be much smoother with point calculations. I will teach them some new features on Monday morning as well. 

Student Access: 

The last detail to get set up is giving your child access to their account on Class Dojo. From the app, students will be able to create their own avatar monster as well as view their point report each day. I downloaded the Class Dojo app on each of their iPads today, so now I just need you to take a minute with your child to go through the following steps: 

  • Click on Class Dojo (on your child's iPad)  
  • Select 'Student'
  • Allow Camera access so students can add pictures to their own story
  • Then click "Sign Up"
    • They already have an account, but this will allow you to type in the code that I will send to you via email. 
  • Type in the code for your child 
  • Enter a username, password and choose your child's age
  • Type in your email address (to authorize their access since they are under 13)
  • Go to your email on your own device, find the Class Dojo email and approve your child 
  • Have your child go back into the app to access their points and create their own avatar 

Please email with any questions anytime this weekend. 

Thanks and enjoy!