Yellow Class Adventures!


Hello, Parents of Yellow Class! 

I wanted to take a few minutes to invite you into the world of Yellow class here at the Academy and let you in on a day in the life of your child. We have had a wonderful start to the semester and an excellent first week of Spring semester courses. The enthusiasm of the students has been inspiring and I’ve absolutely loved teaching them about textiles and life & animal science over this past week. I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on some things that will help you connect with your child’s education even better. The first part is some logistics and then onto a fun picture tour of our week! 



As we move through the semester, we will be utilizing Canvas more and more as a resource to help both students and parents. For our Generals students, there are not a ton of things that we expect them to use through canvas beyond accessing various materials they need for class and a couple of homework assignments each week. We do want them to be familiar with it to the degree that they can build on their knowledge each semester and each year. As a parent, you should feel free to access these courses through your child’s iPad as the parent app has been less useful than we had hoped. From your child’s iPad, you can read the content pages that are included below each class for each day. This will offer you a summary of what your child has experienced at school and also give you some objectives that were observed and/or measured during that class. 

For Yellow students, you should see the following courses on Canvas like this: 


For each course other than Beginnings and Bible, the course title is the overarching theme which lasts the entire day and each of the classes listed under it focus on that overarching theme but are approached through the different academic disciplines as follows: 

  • Beginnings: Daily with Ms. Foster (M, W, Th) & Ms. Gowen (T, F)
  • Textiles: Monday/Thursday
    • Textiles Games - Creative Arts with Ms. Foster 
    • Tag, You’re It! - Language Arts with Ms. Foster 
    • The Need for Beads - STEM with Mrs. Gowen 
    • Accessorize! - Creative Arts with Ms. Foster 
  • Life & Animal Science: Tuesday/Friday 
    • Who Wants to Be a Botanist? - Language Arts with Mrs. Gowen
    • Building a Home for Plants - STEM with Mr. Cameron 
    • Leaf the Drawing to Us! - Creative Arts with Ms. Foster 
  • Bible: Tuesday/Friday with Mr. Bargatze 

Please see your child’s Canvas for more explanation of the classes they have already participated in. Mrs. Gowen and I send reminders of homework from time to time, but you should expect weekly Language Arts homework so please be checking in with your child about those things and also check their Canvas to note the assignments that are due. 

Every two weeks for third quarter the overarching theme will remain the same but the class titles will change to reflect a new set of skills and interests that the students have asked to learn about this semester. It’s been an enjoyable journey for both students and teachers this past week and we are excited for it to continue. 

Class Dojo

You can continue to expect to see picture posts as well as daily points being awarded to your child on Class Dojo. Students receive weekly points and then at the end of each week, we have a time where students can earn different levels of prizes, coupons to do something fun with a friend or teacher during a recess or even try to earn larger prizes by accumulating several tickets over the course several weeks.

This is also our platform for taking away points when something needs to be corrected. For any behavior that needs a quick correction in class but doesn’t require further consequence, your child will lose one point (-1) and it will be self-explanatory (i.e. forgetting their iPad, rocking their chair, talking during instruction, etc.). For any behavior that is more extreme and requires further discussion or consequence, a demerit will be given with a point value that will match the severity of the behavior. With any demerit given, you can expect an email from me by the end of the day. 

I also utilize the message feature of Class Dojo to send homework reminders and other various things that need a quick reminder but not necessarily an email. 


Please feel free to email me at any time. I’d love to answer your questions about our days, your child’s progress, ways you can be of service, things you could continue to reiterate with your child at home.  I am happy to answer your questions and would love to hear any testimonies of your child’s education being of benefit to them, you and your family. They are a special group of students and I cherish the time you all have entrusted them to the Academy. 

Now for the past week…

Here are a variety of pictures that show some of the elements of this past week. Read the captions to gather further understanding of our days!