What would you do if you couldn't spend holidays with your family or celebrate important moments in a loved one's life? What if it wasn't due to sickness or conflict, but because of a broken system that says you are guilty until proven innocent, which could take years to even discuss? 

We may not be able to change the justice system in the Philippines. We aren't able to re-unite people with their families. But, Jesus said that when we visit the prisoner, we visit him (Mt. 25).  

We take his teaching seriously, and visit the Tacloban City jail every week. Conducting character workshops, bible teaching and literacy seminars, we do our best to prepare them for life out from behind bars, and we pray with them for that day. 

Alongside helping us operate these educational experiences, you can help provide basic necessities for prisoners in need: clothing, hygiene supplies, food and more. 

In order to protect the identity of the women, we cannot post photos of prisoners revealing their faces.