Guatemala, Latin America


Al and Gail Andersen had been serving in Guatemala for over a dozen years when we first met them.  We quickly recognized our shared values regarding an approach that was sensitive to the people of the land. We served in Guatemala from 2006 to 2009.


Guatemala week 2 108b.jpg

The approach described included living among the people, being culturally appropriate, and working alongside the locals, in their day-to-day activities--something we saw very few missionaries legitimately practice.

Al and Gail invited us to come and visit them at their home in Guatemala, and over the next few years we learned a lot from them about this missiological approach. We love Al and Gail and are very thankful to the Lord for them.


Not only does Guatemala border El Salvador, and in that case we have to pass through the country every time we drive to our hub, but there is also a great influx of Guatemalan refugees who live in Nashville. These experiences have benefited us greatly in serving these precious people on the day-to-day.