East Africa (Hub Location)


In 2004, a team of both Americans and Kenyans piled into a bus and ventured over to the neighboring nation of Uganda to implement what was being taught at the training center in Kenya and to give the Kenyans their first international service experience. 


The journey proved to be beneficial for the team and impactful for the organization, as Uganda would become the country where our official East African 'hub' would be located. 'Hub' is a term we use to speak of our regional headquarters. 

This decision was officially made in 2007, during a meeting in Kampala between organizational representatives from Uganda, two regions of Kenya, and the United States.    


The story of how we came to Uganda in detail is quite phenomenal. But in short, we found the pearl and it had nothing to do with the landscape and everything to do with the people we would come to know.  

That first time in the country, stepping off the bus into a profound moment, Gregg reached out to shake the hand of a man with thick rimmed glasses named Muyomba Tom, who would go on to tell him "We've been expecting you."  


From there, opportunities opened up and relationships blossomed.  Three particular families emerged as our most faithful companions: the Kimbugwe family, Lubega family and Ssemakula family.  

Today, they are some of our best students internationally, and have implemented everything from our ethical social teachings to the sustainable agricultural and building approaches that have become paradigmatic for our missiological approach.

Nyago John is Muyomba Tom's son, who at the time of our initial visit was away at University. In 2008, Nyago married Jen (Gifford) shortly after relocating to the United States to further his education at our Institute. Since, he has returned to serve with our team in his homeland.

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