Hopewell Gardens is a program of G.O.D. International. It is an innovative food production plot with an emphasis on training people for long-term development work in impoverished nations. All of the regions we work in are agrarian societies. In these places, growing food is not a hobby or novelty, but rather a necessity for the preservation of life.

Low Tech Farming

Our beautiful gardens are a testimony of what can be accomplished by human cooperation, rather than expensive high-tech machinery. All of our garden beds have been dug by hand, utilizing the “double-dig” technique. We do not own any tractors or tillers. We understand that it is only a small fraction of the world’s population that could even afford such machines.

In all of our farming practices, we utilize “appropriate technology.” We define “appropriate” as that which can be duplicated by those with whom we work overseas. (Read More on Appropriate Technology)

Because of this, we have chosen to forego the options of using expensive gas-powered machinery, or the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Instead, we incorporate bio-intensive techniques that maximize space, conserve water, and build soil fertility. Not only do these organic practices reduce the need for external farm inputs, they ultimately lead to healthier, better tasting produce.

Working Together

Members of the G.O.D. International community make up the labor force of the garden. Motivated by a desire to serve God through loving their neighbors, people get up early in the morning to work the garden.  They faithfully work the ground, knowing that the fruit of their labor will eventually bless many people, not just here in Hopewell, but all over the world. 


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