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Fall Semester: August 5th

Spring Semester: December 18th

Institute for G.O.D. East Africa Undergraduate Application
Equipping a globally conscious community to serve the poor and marginalized through education, advocacy and empowerment, without discrimination, demonstrating unconditional love.
We are a movement that transplants communities of global denizens, who in solidarity with the poor and marginalized embody the ethics of justice and freedom to bring about societal transformation where education and autonomy exist for all, without discrimination. We do not value popular American ideals associated with violence, domination, neo-colonialism and the attitude that the country has favored nation status with God and is unaccountable to the voice of the global community. Instead, as an educated community who values the preservation of life as governed by the ethical teachings of the bible, we will empower global citizens to implement the justice of God in their societies, through non-violent activity focused on education and capacity development of the poor and marginalized, as demonstrated in the life and message of Jesus of Nazareth.
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Each applicant must submit an autobiographical sketch that explores your journey with God and reason why you want to attend the Institute for G.O.D. International. We require that this be your own work and that you explain yourself clearly and concisely.