In East Africa, we've been developing relationships and offering training to farmers for over a decade. Through conferences and hands-on training, we provide education on composting, crop rotation, double-dug beds, bio-intensive gardening, tool maintenance, organic pesticide treatment and more. 

Our goal is empowering farmers to provide the maximum amount of food for their families and communities, even on a limited amount of space. 

In East Africa, our education has truly taken root. Our cooperatives are now experts in agricultural methods that help their communities to thrive. Reuben Ndwiga has helped his hundreds of families in Kenya enhance their farming techniques, resulting in more nutritious food for his surrounding community. Now, Reuben has moved to Uganda to direct our agricultural efforts full-time.  

Our 7-acre land plot and personnel in Uganda has allowed our East Africa region to lead our international efforts, but the other regions are soon to follow. Why? Because we know growing food is one of the key component to alleviating communities from poverty. And we know kids that cannot learn in school because of the hunger pains they suffer through. Until their bellies are filled, we will faithfully serve.

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Animal Husbandry

In addition to expanding the garden operation on our land plot, we are beginning livestock production. Using rabbits and chickens to produce eggs, meat, and to sell will help sustain our cooperative families and Institute students by providing them with food and an income. 

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Empower Farmers

In Africa, they can't just run to the grocery store when their fridge gets empty. They don't have fridges. The majority of their food comes from the ground. While many of them farm, they do not always do so productively. 

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