Jason has been serving officially with the ministry since 1998. Gregg Garner and him met in college in 1996, where he, as well as Robert Munoz, have been best friends ever since. Since this time Jason has been highly active in the implementation of the vision for G.O.D. Int’l. Currently he functions as the organization's Human Resource Manager and occasionally teaches at the Academy for G.O.D. 

Tori began participating with the organization in 2004 and is currently the Communications Manager for the Latin America Region of the organization. She is also a trained Child Birth Educator and Doula.

Their family is also highly involved in the ministerial focus of Latin America, along with a collection of other people in the ministry.

Jason and Tori were married in April of 2004 and currently have 6 beautiful children: Kiah Michelle (2006), Eved Maichail (2007), Jaelyn Elizabeth (2008), Abela Reece (2011), Qol Nethaniel (2013), and Devynn Eireann Katriz (2015).