Joel graduated from Bethel College (St. Paul, MN) with a degree in economics and a minor in art.  In 2003, he began working for Global Outreach as a graphic designer and assisted with photography, video, web design, and print publications.  Rachel became involved with Global Outreach in 2001 as a student and intern, and then full time in 2004.  Joel and Rachel were married in October of 2004 and currently have 3 children: Moriah (2005) Ethan (2008) and Samantha (2012).

Joel currently developing his capacity as a builder, with an emphasis on design and construction for sustainable housing.  Rachel is serving within the realm of Mental Health, though she has served in various administrative capacities for the organization in the past.  She is gaining skills and education in this field that will allow her to both serve our community here in Antioch, and also the victimized women of South East Asia.

The Olsons spent 7 months in the Philippines in 2010 where they learned a lot about cross-cultural living with their children, language, the plight of the victimized sex slaves as well as the overseas Filipino workers. They look forward to returning full time. 


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