Jordan Miller felt called to serve the children of Africa full time since she was a young girl herself. After graduating high school, she participated in a mission trip with Students Living A Mission to Juarez, Mexico. During this trip, Jordan recognized that in order to bring holistic healing to others, she would need to know far more than what she could learn in traditional medical school. 

With this conviction, Jordan moved to Nashville in 2009, and began pursuing undergraduate degrees in Biblical Studies and Community Development with a focus in Public Health. Since then, Jordan has enrolled in the Institute's Master’s Program where she is furthering her study of Community Development. 

Jordan currently works as a medical assistant within Hopewell Family Care clinic. She also serves as the Children’s Health Coordinator for G.O.D. International, which has her actively involved within the Academy for GOD and our other children’s programs. These experiences have equipped Jordan to assist our East Africa team in addressing health issues amongst our East African cooperative families and amongst the student body at St. John’s Primary School in Uganda. While the health needs of Uganda’s children are complex and far reaching, Jordan is thankful for the opportunity to partner with others who are faithfully committed to bringing life and resurrection to the least of these. 

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