In 2005, Josh and Alyssa moved to Nashville, TN from Minneapolis, MN as a response to a call they felt from the Lord to learn the Bible and serve with the people of G.O.D. Int'l. Josh and Alyssa Kurtz have 3 children - Jackson (2006), Amani (2009), and Isaiah (2012).  

Josh is currently our Projects Manager at the Nashville headquarters. He has played an instrumental role in the water and construction projects in East Africa. He is our resident well repairman, training six Ugandans to repair wells, and fixing eight of them together! He has taught various the Soil and Water and Project Management workshops and seminars.

As a mother of three, Alyssa is currently teaching at the Academy for G.O.D. as a finance administrator, as well as teaching writing and math classes. She has a desire to empower future women and mothers through teaching children in primary school, holding neglected and marginalized women in Africa very near to her heart.