Josh and Deb Nava moved from New Mexico to Tennessee as "just friends" in 2005, but became more than friends and married in 2010. They have two boys, Enoch Zhenai (2012), and Kai Sojourner Paz (2014).

Josh teaches a history class and practical arts class at the Institute. He is employed by Details Nashville and participates as part of the banquet serving, photography, and slow motion booth staff. Josh is the principal designer and craftsman of The Suburban Pallet, a furniture company that does custom woodwork for local businesses.

Deb has completed the missiology program as well as the Childbirth Educator Certification program. She enjoys continuing to take bible classes. Deb is an aspiring midwife but in the meantime teaches childbirth courses and serves as birth support for families through Nova Birth Services. She also assists in graphic design for their marketing team. Deb enjoys the arts and participated as co-writer, co-producer and actor in the last two seasons of A Night of One Acts with the Arts at Center Street. The Nava's are preparing to live in India.