Robotic Engineering with Mr. Aaseby

This 3rd quarter has been a blast in Robotic Engineering! In this class, the students have been learning about the 3 main sub-disciplines to robotics which are mechanical engineering (physical build), electrical engineering (likened to the nervous system) and computer programming (likened to the brain of the device). We have touched on all those disciplines in a project we are working on as a class which is part game show and part audio player. The goal is to have a 4 button device with a computer brain that not only lights up but also moves servo motors so specific positions based on which position you buzzed in.  As a class, the goal is to produce a prototype.  

Through this project the students have had hands-on experience with soldering, drawing schematics and reading them, learning the basics electricity and electronic components, wiring simple circuits and wiring circuits based on their own drawn schematics of the project. These skills come as a result of being able to identify how one thing connects to another in a linear pattern. Exposure to these skills helps the students develop the confidence to see how they can make technology work for them and even demonstrate creativity through it in an ever-changing world.