Update from Mrs. Castro

During 3rd quarter, our junior high students have been learning all about ratios and proportions in our class titled “Robot Math/ Ratios and Proportions”. The Robotics theme has run across many curriculums, (including math, science, creative arts, etc) for the junior highers this quarter and gave them the opportunity to learn about this particular math topic in a fun and unique way! Students learned how the ratios associated with gears inside of a robot can be adjusted to achieve the speed or force they are wanting to achieve.

When the Robotics theme ended half way through the quarter, we began looking at ratios and proportions through a different lens, Theater! As the students have been busy learning about Theater Production in their other classes, we have taken the opportunity to enrich our understanding of ratios by looking at and creating scale drawings of rooms, theaters, and stages. The students are currently working on a project where they have researched the measurements of the Pantages Theater stage in Hollywood, CA and will create a scale drawing of this stage based on an appropriate scale factor of their choosing. 

- Mrs. Castro