Conservation Projects, Paper towels and Pressure washers

The Jr High Conservation Projects class has been learning how to utilize Google Sheets and incorporate formulas into it. They have collected data from students and teachers as they learned about the waste that goes into the production of paper towels and the staggering stat that the United States throws away about 13 billion tons of paper towels each year. In terms of conservation, they also had to take into account the 20,000 gallons of water that goes into making 1 ton of those paper towels just to be thrown away after use. The skills that the students were utilizing have been in relation to taking a poll to see how many paper towels students and teachers use when they wash their hands and then utilizing that information properly to come up with stats. 

This last class, we have begun another project where we will work on engineering a system to collect water from the main Academy building to utilize in the academy garden. We started with a few students beginning to figure the location and size of the tanks while other students learned how to use a pressure washer to clean a few tanks that needed to be prepped. This project is going to require the students to use spatial awareness to map out plans on where they can place water catchment tanks,  design how this system will function and utilize math to calculate the cost of parts. This project should connect the students to the considerations and concerns that most of the world shares in regards to having water accessible, collecting it and not wasting it. It will also focus on the logical-mathematical, Interpersonal, and naturalist intelligence. With the students’ plan created, the students should be able to move forward with the project and watch it become actualized for the conservation of our water resources.