Getting Ready for the Next Level

There’s just a little over a month left of school. The kindergarteners continue to grow and learn new lessons becoming more competent in meeting expectations with each class. They’ve worked hard at focusing during lessons and learning how to be kind to each other. Here is a list of skills we will be reviewing and focusing on this last month.

  • Prayer- Students will be asked to lead in prayer times.
  • Bells- Students have been introduced to the bell system. They will begin to adjust to hearing the transition warning and the bell to indicate when classes are beginning and ending.
  • Transitions- Students will be directed in utilizing transitions to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, and preparing their supplies for the next class.
  • Keeping a clean and orderly cubby
  • Charged iPad every day- at least 50% Lines- properly lining up and walking in a straight line following the teacher.
  • Listen & Obey- Students are expected to listen and obey the instructions of their teachers right away, all the way, and in a happy way!
  • Participation- Students are expected to participate in all class activities.

This in no way is an exhaustive list of all that they will be doing, but skills they need to make the transition into next year smooth. It’s going to be a full month!

This Week In Pictures!