‘I only have one pen,’ the school principal told me. Good thing I was prepared with bags of supplies to give to him and other local teachers. When I handed him his bag he looked inside and smiled even bigger, ‘I’m going to give some of this to a new teacher I know who hasn’t been paid, she has no supplies.’
— Betsy Johnson, Principal, Academy for G.O.D.

Imagine heading into work each day with an insurmountable challenge ahead of you--50 kids crammed into a classroom, with one text book, and a handful of notebooks. They still show up, even when a paycheck isn’t guaranteed. The teachers we work with in El Salvador are determined to rise to the challenge, because their students are counting them, and their students are worth it.

We think these teachers are worth it! We are committed to empowering rural Salvadoran teachers with the best instruction methods we’ve learned. We conduct regular teaching seminars on topics chosen by the teachers themselves. Every teacher who attends receives a 25 pound package of school supplies for their classroom.

The experience of a teacher and the experience of a student are intertwined. But one does come before another--the teacher needs trained before a student can learn. Help us meet the end goal of educational success for students by focusing on the agents of that change: the teachers!