After participating in a Summer Internship to Guatemala and the Philippines in 2008, Leafa Vagatai immediately moved to Nashville to join the organization and to attend the Institute for G.O.D. International. Leafa has served in several areas within the organization, from food production to leading worship to facilitating community service projects for youth.

Leafa has begun to focus and develop her skills within the realm of Children's Education and began teaching at G.O.D. Preschool in 2013. Through her own educational experiences at the Institute Leafa has been able to implement her knowledge of the word of God as well as her own talents as a musician and singer/songwriter to enhance the lessons that she teaches in the classroom. Leafa wants to be able to bring an education that is focused on developing human beings into ethical and moral beings that contribute to the health of their society. Understanding that this is God's desire for all human's, she hopes that one day this type of education can be available for all children within Southeast Asia.