The Need 

In India, a woman's life is given no value in society; they are forced to marry while they are still children, they are often raped, neglected, enslaved, and even killed. Their cultural belief in the worthlessness of women is so strong, and so foundational to their culture. Our work in India, to educate people of the worth of every human being, must be done with great care and sensitivity, or we risk causing more suffering to the women there.

Our Response

In an effort to first better understand the culture that permits such violence against women, we will be investigating the culture mindsets through an ethnography project. This is coupled with a photojournalism project specifically about birth, here and there. In addition, we will be producing a children’s novel for young girls, creating an heroic female character that can allow young Indian girls to confront their cultural understanding of what it means to be a woman.

How You Can Help 

Help us to tell the story of Indian women, from their perspective. If we better understand their mindset, we can better equip development workers in changing the cultural hatred of women.