Back to Uganda!

In September Adam was given the opportunity to travel back to East Africa to serve our friends in Uganda! Although it was only 10 days, the team was able to work day and night to make the most out of our precious time there serving.

While there our team of six partnered with our cooperatives to facilitate another East Africa Summit.  This year there were over 40 people in attendance from both Kenya and Uganda.  Participants engaged in three full days of Bible teaching, worship, project planning sports, and empowerment seminars ranging from growing food to drama.

Participants also learned about the importance of ingenuity as a way of imaging God, the Creator.  This included an exercise where participants were told to identify a problem, think through how to solve it creatively, and do it! After receiving the teaching they realized they were responsible to solve the problems in their midst, and they had the capacity to do so: a mind that can use innovation! One participant, Peter Musaazi, testified the following after this exercise, “Money is a short-term solution to problems but it goes quickly. Coming up with an idea is a long term solution that can’t be taken away from you.” 

Our last day together was spent dreaming about the possibilities that exist as we continue to seek the Lord and work towards seeing his Kingdom come to earth. Things like student body growth for the Institute, sustainable businesses, lunch programs for primary school students, and a demonstration farm are just a few things that were hoped for. This time was energizing and left participants with increased enthusiasm for the work being done together.

Update From Adam's Trip

My trip to East Africa was definitely 10 power packed days in Kenya and Uganda!

We were able to facilitate a East African Youth Summit in Nairobi, Kenya with young people from both Kenya and Uganda in attendance.  It was three intentional days spent in God's Word and talking about the development of human beings.  After the conference we went to Uganda and spent the remaining duration of our trip at our hub there.  We were able to spend time there educating and encouraging our cooperatives and East Africa Institute students during this time. 

I was very blessed to be able to go and represent our team on this trip.