Update on the Little Loefflers


Luke (7 years) continues to love school.  When I asked him what his favorite class was he said, “Oh, now that is hard!” He couldn’t decide because he loves all of his classes and teachers. I do know that he loves Bible, Coordination and Balance and Problem Solving!  Luke is very social, like his dad, and pretty much loves anything that involves his friends so everyday at school is a party. Luke’s fall soccer team also finished as league champs so this was a highlight for him!



Eden (5 years) started kindergarten this year.  She is thrilled about school.  Her favorite classes are Songs class and Language Arts!  Eden also played soccer this year, but she enjoys gymnastics more than anything.  I get the chance to coach her and 4 of her friends from kindergarten once a week, at our house!





Hope (3 years) is always eager to help with her little sister Lily.  She also loves playing with her friends.  And on the flip side she can’t get enough sister time with Eden, this makes naptime almost impossible these days!






Lily (9 months) is doing all of the things that little babies like to do – crawl, cruise, giggle, pull hair and she is working hard to get all of her teeth in. 


This fall I returned to teaching and I am thankful to be in the classroom again.  I am also thankful that Hope and Lily can be watched at our house while I am away. 

Well that is a brief update from us!  We pray that you and your families have a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus.  May the Lord bless you.