Adam and Lyssa began participating with G.O.D. Int’l as Summer Interns; Lyssa (2004) and Adam (2005). They both felt the Lord calling them to learn his Word and in 2005 they enrolled as students at the Institute for G.O.D.  Int’l.  It is here that they first became friends.  In 2006 Adam and Lyssa were married and have been blessed with five children: Luke (2008), Eden (2010), Hope (2012), Lily (2015) and Caleb (2017). Adam and Lyssa each completed a degree in Missiology and they both continue to dedicate themselves to learning God's word in the classroom. The Loefflers continue to invest in their friends in East Africa and the good work that the Lord is doing there.  

Adam has served as the Director of Entrepreneurial Endeavors for G.O.D. Int’l since 2014.  He is involved with creating ethical jobs that provide employment, healthy work environments, and just compensation, both locally and abroad.  As well as generating funds for our organization.

Lyssa has served as a teacher at the Academy for G.O.D. since 2014.  She enjoys teaching and utilizes these skills and experience to create lessons for educating children in East Africa.

What's Been Happening in Africa?

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