Marco and Jaimeé Arroyo met at G.O.D. in 2006 and married in 2008. They have three children Evie Sabelle (2009), Yonah Hesed (2010), and Eisele Salome (2014). Marco, originally from Puebla, Mexico, and his family are on the Latin America (L.A.) team and planning to serve in El Salvador.


Marco is a family man that is steady and hardworking. He completed the Institute’s biblical studies program, all in a second language, and is continuing with classes in the Institute’s masters program. He serves on the facility maintenance team. He has participated in pilot trips as the L.A. team searched for a location to develop a hub.  

Jaimeé is busy wife and mama. She worked as an R.N. at a local hospital while she completed the Institute’s missiology program. She has since has received more healthcare training and has completed a Family Nurse Practitioner program. She serves as the community’s health director and is currently taking steps to open up a clinic for G.O.D. She also occasionally leads community worship and teaches art classes in the children's programs.