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The marrieds of the G.O.D. community get together multiple times a year. Formally they have one retreat weekend per year, but also multiple marrieds events throughout the year; from times of dinner fellowship and biblical study and discussion, to informal outings designed to enhance their relationships within the marriage and the friendships they can share with other couples.  



Married's Events

As our community has continued to grow over the years, so has the number of married couples. As healthy marriages are key to a healthy community, we find it imperative to help meet the needs of spouses--ensuring biblical accountability, shared experiences, and forums for voicing the trials and triumphs of marriage.


Accountability Groups

Designated groups of couples, diverse in their situation, but all sharing the passion for holiness in their marriage, get together routinely, but also break in to husband groups, and wives groups for more concentrated and specific care.

Bible Studies

These gatherings revolve around texts from the word that speak into the lives of married believers. Longing for fidelity and sincerity in our relationships, we recognize no advice is better than that which comes from the Bible.


Marriage Retreat

Once a year, our singles do us the great favor of watching all the kiddos so that us marrieds could get together to connect with God and one another through food, games, conversation, worship and prayer. It's a real good time. Seriously.

Besides the fact that I have an excuse to spend time with my wife, any time our married couples get together, we have intentional discussions about what the bible says in relation to healthy marriages. It is so encouraging to discuss God’s word with friends who are committed to upholding the principles found in that word. We also hold each other accountable to raising healthy families and being good parents. Burdens and feelings of shortcomings are lifted when we discuss our parenting experiences and how God’s word helps us to respond to those experiences.

Finally, I’ve enjoyed the good times together. We’re sharing meals, not with strangers, but with friends who share our calling. I thank God for these moments as we hold each other accountable, laugh, and even cry, all for the purpose of being the people God wants us to be as husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, friends, and ultimately, the people of God.
— D. Bargatze