Biblical Studies and Interpretation (8)

MTS 501 / MM 501Biblical Theology (4)

The Biblical Theology Course is designed to immerse the student into the practice of theology from a Biblical perspective through reading the works of John Goldingay and Phillip Esler. Students will learn to use the entire bible both canonically and synthetically for speaking and writing theologically. Course lectures will cover the theological intent(s) of each Biblical book. 

MTS 503 / MM 503A Theology of Hope and the Apocalypse (4)

This course explores the subject of eschatological hope as found in the Old Testament and in the apocalyptic literature of the New Testament. The course views apocalyptic literature through the lens of literary genre and transformative hope. Utilizing a canonical synthetical approach the result is a holistic understanding of the nature of the Bible’s apocalyptic visions. 



Ethics (8)

MTS 551 / MM 551The Moral Imagination and Ethics (4)

This is an ethics course which focuses on the theological concept of God as a moral being and man as a moral creation. The moral imagination is the innate ability of human beings to propose a ‘better world’ or suggest lessons on morality through writing and speaking. 

MM 554Globalization and Mission (4)        

This course examines the Globalization and the far reaching impact it has on Christianity. Globalization brings both change and opportunity so new approaches to the Christian mission are identified within the emergence of the new global realities. 



Holistic Ministry (20)

MM 504Sin, Guilt, Suffering and Death (4)   

This course is designed to enable the student to recognize and teach the anthropological and psychological effects of sin, guilt, suffering and death. The goal is to produce a theological understanding that is sensitive to the cultural realities of differing people groups and their understanding of sin, guilt, suffering and death. 

MM 506Children, Armed Violence and Slavery (4)    

This course explores the damaging psychological effects upon children forced into participating in killing as child soldiers or gang members, used in the sex industry, and exploited by the violence of the inner city. Students will be introduced to effective psycho-social programs for treating and ministering to these abused children. 

MM 553Refugees, Conflicts and Humanitarian Responses (4)

This course explores the physical, spiritual, psychological and moral needs of refugees and internally displaced people fleeing conflict and natural disasters.  The course will help students form their views on the best way to assist these people through both humanitarian aid and parachurch agencies.

MM 651     Community Development, Literacy and Educational Curriculum Design (4)

This is a tripart course, five weeks is given to each subject. Community development covers subjects like community organizing on both a relational and political level. The literacy section of the class covers the importance of literacy and the impact of literacy upon a developing community. The third part of the course introduces the student in practical curriculum development. 



Theology for Missions (8)

MTS 601 / MM 601Ethnic Storytelling and Cultural Transformation (4)

Every culture has stories that are part of the national or cultural psyche. This course looks at those stories for three separate nations of the world (Kenya, India, and the Philippines) as well as Latin America as a whole. Students are taught how to utilize these stories in their communication and how to listen for when certain ideas or phrases are used by native speakers. This course allows the student to immerse deeper into the culture and learn the power of understanding through ethnic stories.

MTS 602 / MM 602 Global Perspectives on Theology (4)

This course explores the Global aspects of theology. Theology is not accomplished with the same understanding in every part of the world. People view the practice of theology and its purposes differently based upon their own experiences. Likewise theology is now a global effort due to the globalization of resources, economics, communications, travel and vocation. The practice of theology in such a setting is the focus of this class.



Contemporary Theology (4)

MTS 652 / MM 652 Liberation Theology: Contemporary, African American and Latin Liberation Theologies (4)

This course investigates the origin of Liberation Theology and follows through to its development and acceptance as part of the Biblical message to be applied in society. The course explores Contemporary, African American and Latin American liberation theologies.



Philosophy of Mission (4)

MM 654Introduction to Research Design(4)   

In this course students will be taught the science and art of research and writing. The course is designed to assist the student in presenting their philosophy of mission paper which is the concluding aspect for the Master of Missions Degree