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The Men of G.O.D. Int'l formally gather about four times a year (quarterly).  The major objective in these retreats, or fellowship outings, is to enhance relationships for effective accountability.  Accountability for our marriages, in our roles as fathers, in our friendships and as students or laborers in our respective fields.


Men's Events


There are a variety of activities planned throughout the year that provide fellowship, encouragement and education for the men in our community. Below are a few that are more frequent and can give you an idea of what our guys do to connect with God and one another.


Man Camp

White A-Shirts w/ a sharpeed nickname penned on the back, lots of push ups, yoga with a lot of body hair - somewhere undisclosed, once a year, men of God gather to compete, create, converse, and dream about what kind of world they can build together.

Men's Breakfast

Meat. Some Eggs. More Meat. And then some vegetarian options for the other guys. A few times a year the guys of the community get a chance to catch up around a meal and keep each other striving to do good for God.


Group Work Projects

Because most guys don't do well just sitting in a circle and crying (though it happens), our guys get together to work on projects that improve our campus, the kids' schools, and our neighborhood. In that context, we connect.

Man Talk

Topical, biblical discussions are facilitated for the guys to talk about what it means to be men, husbands, fathers, and employees in our world, but not of it.

Men’s activities are always organized with a lot of care and never lack a challenge to keep pursuing holiness as men of God.
— R. Muñoz