Mike Garner has been involved in ministry for nearly 40 years, serving as a pastor, missionary and teacher. Prior, when Mike was serving in the marines, the Lord touched his life and called him to ‘put down his sword.’ Since that time, Mike has studied God’s Word with diligence, and is committed to a life of nonviolence. His service to his country in the Philippines was exchanged for missionary service to the same location, where he continues to minister. His life is a wealth of stories of God’s faithfulness in response to Mike’s faith to serve him, even in the darkest circumstances. These stories have touched the lives of students at the Institute for G.O.D., where Mike served as the inaugural Dean of Students, and continues to teach today.

Mike’s books are highly recommended for full-time ministers and anyone who desires to worship God with their mind--both will come away enriched in faith. His works cover a variety of topics and demonstrate his expertise in the Scriptures. His books include Biblical interpretation, devotional writing and theopoetics, a sub-genre of poetry. He writes with a tenacity and passion for his readers to grow in their understanding of a good God who cares deeply for human beings, particularly the oppressed. His challenge is to not just understand the Scriptures, but always, to live them out.