Cultural Arts Class

Wednesdays are a special day at the Academy. They serve as our spiritual development days where students have classes like Chapel, Worship Band, and Heroes of Faith. In the afternoons there is also a Cultural Arts class that has become a favorite over the past few months! As a Wednesday rotational class, there is always a different teacher who facilitates the Cultural Arts block each week, bringing their own arts background whether painting, sculpting, storytelling, singing or dancing!

Every week we explore a different aspect of a culture's art. We don't just tell students dates and numbers and then show a few slides. Rather, we try to help students know WHY these practices were and are still important in these different cultures around the world, We've done everything from the African-American Spirituals of the 1800s to the community murals of El Salvador to the Rangali sand art of India. Each week is a new adventure. Students are engaged, tuned in and inquisitive about how and why these practices existed. We also make time for students to try and replicate the 'art' of that week. They love getting to try new art techniques or demonstrate a cultural dance or song for the class.