Law #1: Love God with Everything

We kicked off our first week of school with the school-wide theme "Love God with Everything," based upon the first commandment (from Exodus 20). During our time in Beginnings and Wrap Up, we tried to make this theme practical. Seriously, what in the world does it look like to love God with everything?!? 

In the Bible, love is directly connected to covenant and the promises we make to God and one another; this is how God showed his love for us. We discussed that to love God is to also love others (I John 3 & 4). People will be able to know God by the example we display in our kindness towards other people, no matter what background they come from. For our students, loving God could look like being obedient when their mom asks them to clean their room...and doing it the first time it's asked! It could also mean encouraging a friend who is having a really hard day. 

Our goal this week was to get students thinking about how they can love God with everything this year and make some practical goals to help get them in the habit of love and kindness, both in the classroom and at home.