Clean Classroom, Clear Minds

One of our rules at the Academy is to "Keep and Clean and Ordered Environment." As the third week of school rolled around, we took some time to do a "deep clean" of our classroom. We discussed that in the beginning of creation, God was the master organizer - making things good and then putting them in their place. Every single thing he created had its own purpose and function. Made in his image, we also have the responsibility to order our own environment and make it hospitable and functional for everyone!

I helped assign each student their task. Some raised their hand quickly for different chores they love doing at home. Then they were off! They buzzed around the room like cleaning champions. They vacuumed, erased the board, cleaned the smudge marks from walls, rearranged our media cart and disinfected each table and chair! Whew! By the end we took a deep breath in and looked around - what a good feeling! Our classroom is ready to go for a new week of school.

The chores they were given last Friday will carry on into this week and will be done every day as part of our wrap up time in the afternoon. Clean classrooms help student think a little more clearly as they don't have to be distracted by clutter or spend unnecessary time looking for where things are placed.