Whistle While We Work

I wanted to share this picture 1). because these ladies are adorable and 2). it captures the essence of our time in the garden. Three mornings a week, we spend the first class block in gardening class, helping Mr. Davis (the Farm Manager) accomplish task in the garden. He gives us a task to do, shows us how to do it and why it's important, then it's up to us to make it happen. 

I took this picture after we had just gotten through processing the medallion onions. We harvested them ourselves, cleaned them, peeled off the dirty layer and then packaged them for families to enjoy. All the while we sang worship songs together and practiced the melodies and harmonies. We also talked about the Lord, friendships and how each of these girls were liking school this year. It was such sweet time, I just had to document it!

Everything we do can be done unto the glory of God. From providing food for people to singing songs of praise to building relationships. The garden is a great venue to do all three!