Welcome to High School!

I want to take a moment and introduce myself.  My name is Grant Dailey and I am the High School lead teacher for the Academy.  What this means is that I am present with the High School class for a majority of the day, assisting with their courses and developing a consistent relationship with each of the students in the class.  In addition to my lead teacher responsibilities I am also teaching two courses: Literature and Bible History.  I will further be involved helping facilitate our Worship Band class, as well as other routine times throughout the week like Wednesday Chapel.

With the first full week of the Academy under our belts everyone is becoming more comfortable with each other.  Having only a handful of peers in each class is an experience that many (myself included) never had in high school (or, likely, in any level of education).  The smaller size lends itself to collaboration on a number of levels.  Our times in the classroom have already been both productive and entertaining as individual personalities and a unique group dynamic simultaneously emerge.  Whether discussing the thematic content of a short story or drafting designs for a new outdoor bench & bar top area on the front deck (more to come on that project), the relationships that are forming in our high school class make me excited for the rest of the semester.

I will be posting updates throughout the week to this blog to keep you all connected and informed with what we are doing in the classroom.  There is so much that happens in a given day, yet often so little relayed from your student to you (Familiar conversation: "How was school?" "Fine." "What did you do?" "Nothing.").  You can expect to find a window into more than just 'what-we-did-in-class-today'; I will also give insight into the theological formation that is happening daily.  Each week we have a theme from scripture that teachers weave into their lessons and activities.  We began the semester with an exhortation to "Love God with everything," a paraphrase of the first command in Ex. 20:3.  My goal this semester, beyond the academic challenges I have in store for your students, is to encourage them to let their love of God find its way into every arena of life, empowering them to become remarkable people, capable of doing so much for God and neighbor. 

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