Penmanship 101

When's the last time you had to write something? I don't mean scribble on a post-it note or type an email - I mean, legitimately WRITE an important communication?

After the first few weeks of the Fall semester, my high school class was in unanimous agreement: Penmanship was their favorite course.  I was shocked., writing with a pen...on paper...your favorite?

In Penmanship, Mr. Corey Streeter has been teaching students principles of design related to typography: weight, serifs, spacing, line height, consistency, type, style.  The goal is not to be able to write in strict cursive on 3-lined writing paper.  Instead, the thrust of the course is to develop a unique writing style that allows students to be creative and expressive in their script.  There is not a set format for how a letter should be written.  Rather, the emphasis is on developing a particular type that they student can use with consistency and accuracy.  Class exercises involve writing sentences with repeated letters and practicing emphasis, or developing a clean yet stylistic use of serifs.  The principles in class apply to so much more than writing by hand, giving a great rubric with which to use type appropriately in digital media and design.

Take a moment this and ask your student what it is they enjoy about Penmanship.  You may be surprised to hear how much they've learned already about typography.

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