Back to School

   My name is Mrs. Dailey.  I am the new Jr. High lead teacher here at the Academy for G.O.D.  The students and I have enjoyed a wonderful week back to school, emphasizing the importance of loving God with all that we are.  Our mornings have been focused on worship and connecting with the LORD.  We've held the love of God in our hearts and minds throughout our days as we get to know each other better.  We've also had a lot of fun playing games and participating in interesting class projects.  In the featured pictures, students are playing a game called "Do the Hue," a color mixing and review game.  This is one of their favorite games.  It requires them to color mix, but in a fun and competitive way.  

   This week we move into our theme of loving our neighbor as ourselves.  Jesus tells his disciples that understanding and living out this simple phrase can cover a multitude of issues.  The students are learning what it means to love their neighbors as themselves; while at the same time having fun and developing wonderful relationships.

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