Choose Your Own Adventure

Written by: Mrs. Edwards, Novel Creation

For the last 2 weeks, the Jr High students have worked together to craft an “epic” (in their words) choose-your-own-adventure story.   After developing a set of shared “agreements” about the main characters, Roy and Matty, and establishing certain boundaries of the story (in this case, no superpowers or monsters, among other things), the students collaborated on various settings and plot twists.  Themes of friendship, loss, and new beginnings are all present in the story, as well as a suspiciously nice public official.  Also present are A LOT of references to eating and snacks, but we attribute that to the fact that this class happens around the time they all start getting hungry for lunch. Stay tuned-- the story should be finished by the end of this week!

It has been really special to watch the Jr High class find their dynamic as a group, listening carefully to each other's’ ideas, posing questions, and appreciating one another's’ insight and creativity.  Each student contributed enthusiastically to develop the possibilities in their story.