Class Charts Moving to Class Dojo

This blog entry is to inform you on a recent change in one of the platforms we use to track students. 

Previously I updated you on how you can connect to Class Charts.  Starting Monday 9/26, we will no longer be using this service.  Instead, we will move to using Class Dojo.  in the time since we began using Class Charts a few years ago, the service has become less user friendly and more limited in terms of what it offers.  Class Dojo offers everything Class Charts did, as well as some new, slick features.  With it we can:

  1. Use a mobile app on a preferred mobile device for quick reference and instant notifications.
  2. Inform students of their progress directly, as they can also access the app without the limits of allowing Safari in restrictions (i.e., Class Charts).
  3. Message each other (parents and teachers) directly.
  4. Post photos and videos throughout the day to a class "stream," giving each class its own 'Instagram' style platform.

Here's what you need to do to get connected:

  1. Download the "access code" PDF I emailed you.
  2. Navigate to the Class Dojo parent signup form. Enter in all your info.
  3. Download the mobile application for your preferred device and login using the credentials created above.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Enjoy this great opportunity to stay informed with what's happening throughout the day at the Academy!