Parent Resources

This blog highlights some great resources for parents to be more involved in their students' education at the Academy.  Our time with students is limited to a set block of time each week, and within that, each course or subject receives a small fraction of that time.  You have the position of being with your student each morning, afternoon, and night, reinforcing and encouraging their development in all arenas.  Without you, we can't do our job to the fullest extent! 

I encourage you to take advantage of these platforms and be invested in your student's education.




Canvas is our module for course management.  Each class your student is enrolled in will have its own module within the Canvas platform.  This is the place where teachers assign homework, give quizzes, grade work, share assignment related announcements and files, and communicate with students regarding course expectations.  

As a parent you have the ability to observe your student in each of their classes. In order to do this, you will need the login credentials for your student (both email AND password).  Once you have that information, follow this step-by-step guide to sign in and begin observing.

Class Charts

Class Charts is a system for monitoring merits and demerits.  Merits are issued throughout the school day by course and lead teachers, affirming positive academic and social behavior.  With younger students in the Academy this system is used to reinforce things like listening and following instructions.  With our Jr. High class, it is a system to encourage and reward standout behavior, whether exerting extra effort to do well in a subject that one routinely struggles with, or by demonstrating commendable character in their interactions with their peers. The incentives are things that would be worth the effort for any student (i.e., homework passes).

To access Class Charts, go to, choose 'Login', select parent, and then either login with an existing account or create a new one (refer to the image below). You should already have an email from me with the access code required for your student.   Use that information to open an account and view your student's merits and demerits.  Note that there is also an app available for Android/iPhones and tablets.