Grandparents Day Was a Hit!

This year Grandparents Day was extra special because we let the grandparents experience a day in the life of their grandchild. They attended breakfast, classes and even recess as if they were a student! 

  • At Breakfast students taught their grandparents boardgames they have been learning in boardgames class! 
  • Then in Manners Class, Grandparents performed in front of the class in a game of charades to show good manners. 
  • They then went to Math Class and played a series of Math Games!
  • We went to a the Garden for garden class, picked carrots, and then played with the baby chickens! 
  • Finally, we came together as a class and enjoyed performing some songs we have been learning and presented various projects. 

It was a wonderful day! 

Ethan's Grandmother wrote: 

"What a delightful day yesterday was for us grandparents, and hopefully the students and teachers! The plan of being with the kids during classes was a wonderfully informative idea! I thoroughly enjoyed, as well, seeing the gardening efforts and chick project up close plus future plans with those discussed. The breakfast and snacks/coffee throughout the morning was delicious!

Many thanks to ALL who planned and implemented this thoughtful event! I felt honored and always look forward to these days:)"

Susan Brian
(Nana to Moriah and Ethan Olson)