Love Your Neighbor!

What is Beginnings?

     The first class students attend everyday is call, "Beginnings." This is taught by their homeroom teacher and includes worship, prayer and a lesson about one of God's laws or a character value from his word. The "laws" are the 10 commandments. For younger students, our school uses language to make these laws and values understandable for children and relatable to their current experience. An example is, "You shall not Murder" for younger students is, "Don't hit anyone." As students grow, they learn that God warns us that we must control our anger or it results in harming another human being.  Older students will dig into the text and focus on a more detailed understanding of these laws. Beginnings is a time for the homeroom teacher to focus the minds of their students, remind them of Gods expectations and to exhort them on to do great things with their day!

Are your children calling themselves a color?

Mrs. Hartnell's class is LIME and Mr. Ownby's class is YELLOW. We do not have grade levels so we utilize color names for each homeroom. This is a way for teachers and administrators to get the attention of certain homeroom classes when the whole school is mixed together at recess or an assembly.

Our Weekly Schedule

Heroes of the Faith

Heroes of the Faith, is a class where students get to learn about various people who devoted their lives to pursuing God and as a result were able to make the world a better place. This week students learned about Desmond Tutu and the tragic condition of the country he was raised in. To help them to enter into his world, I had students use chalk to draw a big beautiful city and then other students drew outside of the city a desolate place. This place outside the big beautiful city had ditches filled with dirty water, homes built with scrap metal and very little food.  They learned that in Tutu's country, people were separated into these two places by the color of their skin and those who lived outside the city were mistreated by those in the city. But, because Tutu and many others chose to nonviolently speak out against this injustice, the rules that constructed the separation by skin color were abolished. They learned that after these unjust rules were abolished, Tutu renamed his country the rainbow nation. Then the students worked together to draw a large rainbow to connect the two different places together. We talked about the flood in the book of Genesis and how God put a rainbow in the sky to symbolize the hope he had for humanity to one day live in peace with one another. Students learned that real heroes use their words and not violence to make the world a better place. 


Students reviewed sweeping, vacuuming, folding clothes, dusting and washing windows in preparation for some upcoming chore projects! 


Students learned how to harvest, clean and peal onions as well as their nutritional benefits! 


In Anatomy class, students reviewed bone names by singing, writing and labeling one another!

Language Arts

In Language Arts, students have been reviewing how different words function in a sentence by building sentences together. They also listened a story about a boy who debated with an ant about whether or not the boy should squish the ant. They each wrote their own ending to the story choosing to either squish the ant or not. You should ask your child whether or not they chose to squish the ant and why?

Important Information for Parents

  • Parent Tech Seminars (Mandatory) 
    • Tuesday, August 30th 4:00pm-5:00pm & Friday, September 2nd 4:00pm-5:00pm.
    • These are seminars to help you setup and know how to use Edmodo, Canvas, and twitter. They also will discuss how to secure your child's iPad, and what apps are banned and rules for those approved. 
  • Academy T-Shirts are FOR SALE!!
    • New Academy t-shirts are available for sale in adult sizes. Price: $12/1 or $20/2. Shirts from last year are for sale in youth sizes. Price: $7. Email Academy administration to order! 
    • The free t-shirt students have already brought home will be worn for field trips so students are easily identified when out and about. They also have the option to wear their school shirt to school any day but Wednesday. 
  • Students are signed up for their classes on EDMODO! Check out weekly objectives, homework assignments and class activities on Edmodo.