Parent Announcements

What is ClassCharts? 

ClassCharts is the program our school uses to reward students for achievement. Generally, students get points for doing something that was beyond what was expected of them. For example, they could get a point for seeing friend that was in need and helping them or using free time to do a chore or finish an assignment. If students get enough points they get a prize at the end of the week. This could be a toy or a ticket. They collect tickets to get a big prize like time on the rock wall during recess. Right now each student needs 7 points to get a prize at the end of the week. Each time they get the prize at the end of the week, the amount of points they need to get it the next week goes up. So, it is progressively harder each week to get  prize. There are 5 consistent points they can get each week:

  • Completing class chore every day
  • Keeping you cubby cleaned and organized
  • Transitioning properly from one class to the next
  • Being prepared for class meaning they have their supplies and a charged iPad
  • They memorized the verse or law of the week

Classcharts is also how we record demerits. If a student does something warranting a demerit it will be recorded on ClassCharts and then an email will be sent home to their parents explaining why they received this. 

To Sign In to ClassCharts: 

  • Go to the WEBSITE.
  • Login as a parent using your student code that I sent you via email.


The students voted for an end of the quarter prize they can earn as a class. They decided they wanted to watch a movie as a class on the big screen and eat popcorn! All of their ClassCharts points will be added up at the end of the quarter and if they received enough as a class they will get a movie day!

IPAD Announcements 


  • All student iPads have had apps downloaded and restrictions set. Please do not change the restrictions, passwords or persuades on your child iPad. 
  • Your children are signed into Edmodo now. This is where you can find your child's objectives for class, class work, and homework assignments. 
  • You children also have a google drive folder on their iPads. This is where their work will be stored for class.