Remember you are Gods Kids and you Represent Him to Others, Make Him Proud!

Our students learned last week that the way we behave represents God. When we do his word and care for others, we show the world that God is good! 

Highlight Classes from Last Week

In Language Arts students learned the difference between a fiction and non-fiction book. It is so important they learn to read with a critical mind. Discerning whether something they read is true is vital in a world where they are bombarded with media. The students read though a book about ants and compared it to a fictional book about an ant character they read the week before. They pulled out interesting facts from their book and wrote about what they found.

In Anatomy, the students got to eat cooked edamame that they have been harvesting from the garden. They learned that edamame is a great source of calcium to build strong bones. Ask your child if they liked the class snack!?