New Reading Log!

           The students are still competing between lime and yellow class to turn in the most homework assignments. The class that wins gets to dunk Mrs. Hartnell and Mr Ownby at the end of the semester party. Students are also competing as individuals to get to sit at the Principal Round table. The two students who turn in their homework the most get to sit on the Principal Round Table and discuss changes they would like to see happen at our school as well as what they love about our school! Remember that students need to post on Edmodo once they have done their homework and also turn in the calendar if they have marked off everyday. Students who turn in a completed calendar get extra points! 

Students Flocabulary Class

        Students receive a new list of vocabulary each week of sight words. They put these into their vocabulary app on their iPad and then practice these words on their app throughout the week. When students come to class they play games that assess how often they practiced their words throughout the week.  I am putting below all of the words they have learned during the third quarter. Over spring break you can practice these words with your student by having them show you some of the games they have played in class. Students are expected to both be able to read these words and to be able to spell them. 

High Frequency Words

across, against, area, become, best, better, birds, black, body, certain, cold, color, complete, covered, cried, didn’t, dog, door, draw, during, early, easy, ever, fall, farm, fast, field, figure, fire, fish, five, friends, ground, here, happened, heard, himself, hold, horse, hours, however, hundred, I’ll, king, knew, listen, low, map, mark, measure, money, morning, music, north, notice, numeral, order, passed, pattern, piece, plan, problem, products, pulled, questions, reached, remember, rock, room, seen, several, ship, short, since, sing, slowly, south, space, stand, step, sun, sure, table, today, told, top, toward, town, travel, true, unite, upon, usually, voice, vowel, war, waves, whole, wind, wood

Recognizing Patterns Words

goal, coach, toast, float, throat, soap

now, owl, brown, town, flower, shower

soil, toil, turmoil, oil, boil

wrap, write, wreck, wrong

bridge, judge, knowledge, edge, grudge